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We know you love what we sell, so why not get paid for sharing our brand? Little Natural actively seeks passionate people to help promote our products, and in return we provide an extremely generous rewards program that provides an excellent, continuous, and attractive source of additional income. Little Natural will provide access to your own software that tracks every lead, sale and commission payment due to you. Everything you need to start is available right now...

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Program Information

We offer a competitive 15% commission on all sales you refer to Little Natural. In addition, you will receive 5% commissions of all sales made by affiliates you invite into the program.

Referrals work like most affiliate programs. We provide you with a unique link that you can share on social media, blog posts, message boards, etc. It will look something like this:

Anyone using this link will be recorded as being referred by your efforts. Someone only needs use this link the first time. Any subsequent visits to Little Natural will still be recorded as coming from you for up to 3 months even if they don’t use the link a second time. 

You can even make your own links by amending any Product Page URL with your referral code. For example, if you were going to promote our popular Free Baby Moccs deal, your referral link would look like this:

As an added incentive, you will be given a unique coupon code that is specifically associate with your account. Whenever somebody uses that coupon on a regularly price item (no free + shipping items), they will receive 10% off the purchase and you will receive credit for the sale.


Speaking of commissions, we have also setup your very own Control Center that allows you to track leads, sales, and commissions that are payable to you.

If you have purchased products from us before, you can use your own photos and videos to entice sales. If you would like to purchase products for creatives, we will provide you with a unique code to receive 30% off any products in our store.


Payouts will occur at the end of each month to all eligible ambassadors with balances over $10.


Please direct all questions and comments for our brand ambassador program to